Leadership Awards Committee

The Leadership Awards Committee recommends candidates to be nominated for the CFA Society Chicago Awards program. The committee is tasked with identifying worthy and accomplished CFA Chicago members who may be considered for the Hortense Freidman, CFA, Award for Excellence (annually) and CFA Institute Leader and Member Awards (when applicable). Candidates shall be members of the Chicago-area investment community who have demonstrated initiative, leadership, and a commitment to professional excellence. The committee also is tasked with identifying deserving nominees (for Board approval) but is not required to present a nominee unless merited. The Chairman and members of this committee comprise past leaders as identified by the Board. The current Chairman and Vice Chair also serve on the Committee in ex-officio roles.

Committee Members:

  1. James Goss, CFA - Chair
  2. Kunal Kapoor, CFA
  3. Susan McDermott, CFA
  4. Michelle Moreno, CFA
  5. Mark Schmid
  6. Kevin Silverman, CFA
  7. James Stirling, CFA (Founding Chair-LC)
  8. Jim Whitney, CFA
  9. Doug Jackman, CFA -(Chairman) (ex-officio)
  10. Marie Winters, CFA (Vice Chair) (ex-officio)