Event Function Tickets

CFA Chicago members receive complimentary event tickets called function tickets. Your ticket(s) have been deposited into your online account at www.cfachicago.org. You can view your event ticket balance by logging into the website and clicking on the "Preferences" tab located at the top, Once you are in the "Preferences" section, you will see your ticket balance under "Part I - Your CFA Chicago profile".

To use tickets for you and/or a guest, you must log in to the website and register online for events. Once logged in, you can register for an event using event tickets (or you can register using cash, check or credit card). You must indicate if you are using event tickets on the event registration page. If you do not indicate this form of payment, your credit card will be charged.

  • To apply a Function Ticket as payment, you must log in and register online.
  • Function Tickets can only be redeemed online. Phone reservations using Function Tickets are not accepted.
  • Function Tickets cannot be used as payment at the door.
  • Function Tcikets expire on June 30 of each year, and cannot be used as advanced payment for events beyond this date.