PDDARI Project

Practitioner Demand Driven Academic Research Initiative (PDDARI)

The CFA Society Chicago is working with the Financial Management Association International to develop, at no cost or obligation, cutting-edge investment research applicable to CFA members, their firms, and the general investment profession. Through this research initiative we hope to encourage academic research that addresses practitioner needs and encourage interaction between the practitioner and academic communities. By this initiative, we hope to identify significant topics that are of vital interest to the practitioner world and encourage researchers to analyze these issues. Further, we are optimistic that this partnership between practitioners and researchers will result in the discovery of solutions to applied issues that are critical in the practitioner world.

We ask CFA members to participate in our meetings, held at 12:30 pm on the fourth Tuesday of every month, either by phone or in person. Our goal is to specifically define issues plaguing our industry, such as accurate risk measurement for non-normal distributions, and present these problems to academics, who will develop research at no cost to the CFA Society. Researchers will be rewarded through publication and recognition for addressing relevant practitioner problems. CFA members, or "Thought Partners," are requested to provide only specific research ideas/critiques and data. If you are interested in participating, please contact:

Rawley Thomas
Lee Hayes

More information can be found at: